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Main » 2012 » August » 28
I've had tons of emails of people who wanna quit other
 servers and won't leave since they donated and have nice items on the other server.
This week and this week only i will allow 1 item from the other server you play you can bring with you to Fg's
Have to have 100% proof and
Proof of a donation to the other server IE: paypal transfers.
I will not match other servers custom items like 100/150 weps and idiot items
This is how a real server is hosted. Willing to let you bring an item from another server
over when you haven't donated here.

This is for NEW players only.
I have all IPs on check and items exchanged over
Will be tracked.
So if you are trying to abuse it
you will get caught.

Views: 394 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2012-08-28

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