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Main » 2013 » December » 5 » Japan LIVE
Japan LIVE
8:51 AM

A family member of mine has been working for ncsoft for a long time.
 After certain discussions he told me ways to get around and being able to play Japan Live server with out ban's or any issues.
The benefits of Japan live server is that its always there.
Leveling is a lot easier then USA live.
Japan Live population is 4x LoA's top. 900+ people active.
Along with our other website i will be setting up a fully updated
Lineage Database based on Japan items it will be fully translated in english
Along with soon to come Client side English patches, For Japan live.
People are friendly and boss hunting with any war pledge or nice pledge all items and adena are split with everyone who helped. (even healers)
They have daily quests for exp. 3 Free  lv52 polys at lv 30 help level.

A bigger gold selling company will be hiring a few people to do power leveling.
If anyone is interested in playing japan live We will be Taking Donations for accounts
 level 52 chars for 200$
Level 51 Chars for 160$
 Level 50 for 130$

They will come with full -4x or -5x ac and a +6 weapon.
IF you are interested please Comment or PM on here and i will get you setup with a account.

Thanks all god bless and have a happy holidays
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